Take the opportunity to go beyond what you are able to experience in a group class.

Join a supportive environment to learn and explore movement practices in greater depth.

By becoming a member of the Community for Healthy Movement, you’ll be part of a community of movement enthusiasts where your questions and concerns will be directly addressed. You will be able to choose when and how much you want to actively participate. Another bonus is that the cost of membership is less than the average price of four yoga classes per month.

The monthly membership includes:

  • Live Sunday Community Class 5:30-6:45pm Pacific Time
  • A Recording of the Sunday Community Class
  • A monthly video offering a detailed look at a posture or an aspect of movement that we will be focusing on in class throughout the month
  • Participation in a private online chat group where we will discuss yoga, as well as biomechanical and neuro-centric approaches to movement

And if that's not enough, I'll be sharing a tasty and nutritious recipe!

Participation in the Community for Healthy Movement is offered at three price points to make it accessible to as many people as possible while also making it sustainable.

The Community Plus option includes an hour long private session each month.

Choose an option:


Reduced Rate Plan - less than $10 per class, plus all additional content


Standard Plan - less than $15 per class, plus all additional content


Community Plus - Includes all course content PLUS a monthly private session with Sandra

Sandra will contact you on the first of the month to set up a session.

Sandra Razieli

As a movement educator, Sandra Razieli loves to guide people to move better so that they can feel better and live better. She approaches movement from a neuro-biomechanical model that is shaped by years of teaching yoga-based practices as well as her work as a cultural anthropologist, teen educator and Jewish spiritual leader. 

Sandra has been a certified yoga teacher since 2001. She is also R, I, S and T certified by Z-Health Neurological-Based Movement Training, is a Nutritious Movement™ Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist and is certified by Elise Miller as a Yoga for Scoliosis Trainer.

Sandra currently resides on Maui where she enjoys going barefoot often. You can find out more about Sandra at www.raziyoga.com